About Mary Sue Candies

Imagine a kitchen where candymakers have refined recipes for over half a century. A kitchen where frozen, powdered, preserved, and overprocessed ingredients are strictly banned. A place where copper pots and sweet smells are the order of the day. Imagine all of this, and you have found the home of Mary Sue Easter Eggs.

For over 70 years, Mary Sue Candies has filled the hearts (and tummies) of Marylanders, young and old, with the taste of Easter first made famous by Johnny Unitas in his memorable television spot. Our family tradition, honed through decades of experience, guarantees that our chocolates will please any palate with their freshness and superior quality. Mary Sue is known as America’s best Easter Egg for three simple reasons: superior chocolate, creamy centers, and unsurpassed freshness.

Pecan Nougat Eggs